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Welcome to ONE HEART HOME SERVICES! We are Multi-Taskers and we are available to complete any home task you have for us.

Elder Care

We offer our elder community experienced companionship and help around the house. Services we offer elders:

  • Light housekeeping and cleaning.
  • Light cooking and personal shopping for groceries.
  • We will take walks with elders and drive them to the store.
  • We will pick up their medication at the pharmacy.
  • We will walk elders’ dog(s) for them and take care of their cat(s).

We will do any task you can think of and we are available to help you with it.
Our hourly rate for elder care is $25 an hour.

Personal Shopping

Services we provide as personal shoppers:

  • We will drive you in your car to the grocery store or
  • We will go to the grocery store for you and do your grocery shopping for you.
  • We will pick up medication at the pharmacy for you.
  • We will order your groceries on-line so they can be delivered to you.

Our hourly rate for personal shopping is $25 an hour.

Personal Moving

  • We will organize your boxes and pack them for you.
  • We will carry your boxes to the moving truck.
  • We will haul your junk to the junk yard.
  • We will bring all garbage down to the trash.
  • We will organize the closets and rooms in your new home.
  • We will sweep and do any cleaning to tidy up your former space before you move.
  • We can help you move by carrying furniture and boxes.

Our hourly rate for Personal Moving is $25 an hour.

Closet Organizing

  • We will wash and fold your clothes and linens and put them in your closet.
  • We will organize your closet to maximize the space.
  • We will organize your clothing by color in your closet.
  • We will clean your closet and tidy it up for you.
  • We will put your ties in order.
  • We will fold and organize your socks.

Our hourly rate for organizing your closet is $25 an hour.